The Protective Billionaire Boss And My Little Secret
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I couldn't believe my luck when I turned down the charming, handsome stranger in the bar. I am mortified after discovering he was my new boss, Silas Chandler. Silas is a self-made billionaire and a well-mannered boss. He agrees to start our professional relationship over once he realizes I work under him. He has a rule for himself never to get entangled with his employees. And I know very well not to fall for his extreme charm and magnetic personality. Unfortunately, neither of us seems to escape from the other's thoughts. While Silas tunes out his mother's voice in pursuit of his passion and love interest. I'm trying to hide from my past and stay safe. And after an accidental night with him, I'm left with a surprise baby and had nowhere to go. And the shadow of my ex-fiance is around every corner. Silas would soon face the shocking truth I tried to conceal. Will Silas be able to hold to his principles? Will I ever be safe? Will both of us get too lost in our pasts that it will destroy us?
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