The Seventh Key: The Mistronian Chronicles Book I
Get ready for an epic adventure in the first book of the Mistronian Chronicles, The Seventh Key. Follow the brave and determined Sarah as she steps through a magical door and into the hidden world of Mistronia, accompanied by the quick-witted pickpocket, Barnabas. Their mission is to find a missing object of immense power that has been lost for nearly 500 years. Together, they embark on an incredible journey through the wondrous and dangerous world of Mistronia, encountering magical creatures, perilous obstacles, and unexpected allies along the way. As Sarah and Barnabas delve deeper into the mystery of the missing object, they begin to unravel the dark secrets of Mistronia's past and the true nature of their own destinies. But they must act quickly, for an evil force is gathering strength and threatens to plunge the entire world into darkness. "The Seventh Key" is a thrilling introduction to the Mistronian Chronicles, full of magic, adventure, and unforgettable characters. Join Sarah and Barnabas on their quest, and discover the wonders of Mistronia for yourself!
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