The souped-up you: A cringe free guide to a better you
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In this brief guide, Emmanuel goes through the process that has made a significant difference in his life.

we should resolve life's problems using straightforward, effective, and time-tested methods without resorting to cringe or drastic measures.

He doesn't intend on telling you what you already know; instead, he'll force you to reveal the truth to yourself and help you see a stronger version of yourself – the souped-up you.

But if you can’t handle the truth, everything he talks about aren't for you.

Now a snippet from the book:

"Why does little things matter?

It’s because they keep us from being self-aware. Emotions and feelings are significant and have a purpose, but when we use positive affirmations to gauge how we're doing in life, we find that we're actually deceiving ourselves."

If you can't handle the truth, don't ask him to be honest.

What is the truth?

November 24th - November 28th, this book will be free!!!