The Ultimate Boundaries Playbook for Teachers: Strategies and Scripts to Say No Without Guilt, Ditch Teacher Tired, and Create Better Work/Life Balance for Educators
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Do you love teaching but are tired of it taking over your life? Do you lack teacher work-life balance, have little time for teacher self-care, and feel yourself heading towards teacher burn out? The solution to all of these issues starts with this - setting better boundaries. This quick and tactical guide is an essential read for every educator who struggles to meet all the demands of their classroom, campus, and personal life. Complete with real-world scenarios and complete sample scripts to set boundaries with: ✓ saying "no" in a professional and student-focused way to additional requests from administrators ✓ managing relationships with colleagues who are controlling, toxically negative, time-wasting, or inappropriate with their jokes and gossip ✓ proactively managing expectations and requests from demanding or disrespectful parents ✓ maintaining calm, consistent control in your classroom and setting appropriate boundaries with students of all ages ✓ lovingly but confidently set boundaries with family members and adult friends who take advantage of your naturally nurturing and giving nature (the educator's blessing and curse!) and so much more! If you have ever struggled with the frustration and resentment of taking on too much and putting your own wellness and self-care last, this book is for you! Limited Time Bonus: When you purchase this book, you will receive a link to a video masterclass on boundary setting for teachers to get you started with confidence, as well as PDF printouts of the worksheets Whether you're struggling with time management, feeling overwhelmed by the demands of the classroom, or just looking to improve your work-life balance, this book provides the tools and insights you need to succeed. ♥ Educators - it's time to invest in your wellness and peace and take back control of your time and energy! ♥
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