Things I want Adam to know
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Things I want Adam to know by Aisha Hinnawi


Adila is a modern 25-year-old Muslim lady who went through several traumatic events as a young girl and spent part of her childhood hospitalized. Today, she is physically well but the events of her upbringing have had a permanent impact upon her behaviour, and in particular her romantic behaviour. 

She falls In love with Adam, a man she meets at her workplace and struggles to deal with the conflict of her desires and her belief in God. The emotions help her find the confidence to challenge the customs and traditions of society.

The relationship ends and leaves Adila feeling broken and betrayed and she struggles to continue. While she finds strength in her beliefs, at times the pain is unbearable and she struggles to own her own thoughts. She must find the strength within to deal with separation and loneliness if she is to survive and move forward with her life.

The story is told in a unique diary-like style giving insight into Adila’s innermost thoughts as she deals with her situation and strives to continue, and tells much of the relatable but often unspoken thoughts and feelings that are experienced through the breakup of a relationship. The book is based on true events.

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