Time-Travel Tales Book 10 – Chicago 1893: Historical Romance Short Story
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En route to the 1893 World Expo in Chicago, Jed and his love embark on a new chapter in their lives, filled with excitement and the promise of innovation. Their relationship is deep and complex, shaped by past rescues, secret missions, and a shared love for the unknown. Each has their own reflections. Marie navigates the complexities of the exhibition and her advocacy work on women's suffrage. She also contemplates her relationship with Jed, his secrets, and their intertwined destinies. Jed grapples with the weight of his decisions and their impact on his future and the broader universe. Will these reflections undermine the ability to effectively deal with a dramatic confrontation with an antagonist from their past, whose actions threaten the Expo and their lives? Can Jed's timely intervention, leveraging his Venusian abilities and the power of the Light, thwart the danger and reveal the depth of his love for Marie and his dedication to Earth?
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