To be a Programmer (without Mathematics) 1. Naming and Variables.
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Programming ... There are so many work and development opportunities for the Programmer and the Entrepreneur ... Smart houses, the internet of things (IoT), websites as varied as the world is, mobile applications (Android, IOS), Security in communications and in business, PC applications (Windows, Mac, Chrome OS), are some examples of how varied and necessary for Programmers to do their work. Artificial intelligence? And who programs, trains, and maintains it? Programmers first. And with Artificial Intelligence, Programmers will get to "get rid of" many of the cumbersome tasks that we currently perform, giving us more space for creativity and self-development. Programming will be easy with this course. There is no limit to the Programmer Mind, nor can the people who possess it be pigeonholed into a sphere of knowledge. Whoever develops the Programmer's Mind will be able to navigate through such varied worlds and applications as those already mentioned. It will be able to adapt to the constant fluctuations of the market and to apply the new tendencies of how to Program, which Tools to use, in addition to being able to work alone or in groups.

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