Unexpected Memories
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Unexpected Memories by Dorothy Wehunt

Do you like true stories about things that happen that one does not anticipate? Or know how they may work out? Welcome to Unexpected Memories where the scary, infuriating, exciting, laughable, and motivating or inspiring populate this world of the unexpected.

•Confiscated passports and sitting in a holding cell. Can a young couple traveling in a foreign country survive the incident? -
•Can a wife stand up for herself with her husband's only and older sister of ten years at a “Christmas Eve Dinner”?
•A doctor tells a woman to enter the hospital and have surgery based on an exam without taking any diagnostic tests. What happens?
•A sister becomes incensed over paying the postage to receive a graduation invitation from her older sister’s daughter. Does this affect the relationship?
•A woman dreams of riding a train. On her first train ride something unusual occurs.

Those are just a few twists and turns that a world of the unanticipated present. Unexpected Memories will grasp your mind and bring awareness to the unexpected in life.
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