Unraveling Shadows: Shadows of Extinction Book 2
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From lab work to field work, Jenebah finds herself falling into a changing landscape, and things are getting dangerously complicated. After the thrilling events of The Apicide Affair, this next book, Unraveling Shadows, takes readers deeper into Dr. Jenebah Tamba's newfound reality. She finds herself toss into a world filled with secrets and death; where the shadows of the past beckon with unanswered questions, and the future hinges on choices fraught with peril. Dr. Jenebah Tamba, now W.H.O Undersecretary and liaison to the UN/WHO Joint Task Force, stands as the last line of defense against a mysterious and lethal virus once confined to the bee population. This deadly pathogen now threatens humanity with a mutated, highly aggressive strain.
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