What Was Love

What Was Love by Amber Salvador

Jessica is a prostitute consumed with addiction and dysfunctional relationships with the men in her life. After being rescued from her pimp by a man who keeps her strung out on pills, she soothes herself with increasingly self-destructive behaviors. As she moves from one vacant motel room to another through a blur of hollow encounters with men, she is constantly searching to find what’s missing in her life: meaning, purpose, and ultimately love. Will any of the men in her life be the answer that she is looking for? Will it be Joseph, the arrogant drug dealer who rescues her from her pimp? Or possibly Daniel, the charming client she secretly adores? Or could it be Wesley, an equally damaged man who is as addictive to her as a drug? Or will she find the answers in someone or something else entirely? Through her candid narrative, Jessica tells us the harsh truth of a life of disconnection, abandonment, despair, and hope.
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