Writing Professional Emails: The Step-by-Step Guide

Writing Professional Emails addresses every aspect of email communication: from the subject line to the signature. It teaches how to tailor emails to meet recipients’ needs and fulfill readers’ expectations. Following this advice ensures emails will be read, appreciated, and acted upon. 


Engaging, practical, and comprehensive, this guide offers straightforward methods that will help you

•                write high-quality, persuasive, focused emails

•                know whether to use a formal or an informal style

•                communicate effectively in cross-cultural contexts 

•                use emotional intelligence to build excellent relations with your recipients

•                learn useful phrases applicable to all emails

•                manage your inbox effectively

•                write emails that convey social presence, an appropriate tone, and a positive human voice

•                know when it’s best to use other communication platforms besides email


Many books about email are based on one person’s perspective, but this book offers best practices resulting from careful and extensive research. The author combines considerable personal experience with the knowledge of a wide range of experts, many of whom consult for Fortune 500 companies. 

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