You’ve Got a Mail
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You’ve Got a Mail by Ganga Bharani Vasudevan

One night, Raj receives an email from Priya with a video attachment. As he plays the video, Priya reveals that it will be 5 days since she died when he watches it. Two more emails follow, each containing videos from Priya, who tragically passed away just 5 days ago. In these heart-wrenching confessions, Priya admits to being in love with him and living in the house opposite their window. She admits to secretly watching him from her window until the Christmas party, when his girlfriend intervened. Raj's girlfriend, who used to visit him every day, had been threatening Priya, following her relentlessly, and even making death threats. The last video ends with Priya accusing Raj and his girlfriend of being responsible for her death. However, there's just one problem—Raj doesn't have a girlfriend. In fact, a few girls had visited him for the Christmas Party. Was it suicide or a murder? Who was behind Priya's death? Why did she record videos before her demise? As the investigation unfolds, the police take Raj and his friends for an interrogation, and a relentless cop named Viyanthara starts her investigation. In this gripping guessing game, "You've Got a Mail," secrets are unveiled, motives are questioned, and the line between love and obsession blurs. Raj and Viyanthara embark on a treacherous journey to uncover the truth, as each revelation exposes darker layers of deception and betrayal. Will they find the real culprits behind Priya's death before the web of confessions engulfs them all?
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