Zodiac Fate
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Zodiac Fate by R.C. Luna


Action-packed and unputdownable, the Warrior Shifter series is a corrosive tale full of deception, truth, and world-shattering decisions. The first book slowly draws you into an unknown paranormal world. As the series continues the pace quickens, swallowing you whole as you're holding your breath, with every turn of the page.

He's the enemy I can't resist, but fate has other plans.

I had my heart set on finishing college and living a normal life, but trouble from my mafia past ruined those plans.

Now, I’m having to face demons and shadow mist that no one can see but me.

Just as secrets about my shifter path surface, I meet a dark, ruthless, and powerful man who fills me with an unrelenting desire.

Will he be the one to lead me to my destiny, or my undoing?

But my destiny is a riddle, and time is running out fast. The one thing I know is that I must shift with the magic of the Zodiac or risk becoming lost to the darkness forever.

I’m an Aries, a courageous and bold Warrior Shifter, and I won't back down without a fight. So bring it.

***Note to readers: This is the first book in a mature, college-age, dark, sexy paranormal romance series and it ends on a cliffhanger. Expect enemies to lovers shifters, vampires, fae, and enough action to keep your heart racing with every turn of the page. (18+).

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