309 Years Later
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309 Years Later by Tarik Bouchnayf


A time travel adventure that sheds light on the struggles faced by young people today -
The good values they were given by society compared to the ugly reality they’re facing,
causing much confusion. The only way to fix things is to challenge the two sides.

Omar Saladin, a passionate and brilliant physicist, having dedicated his twenty-seven years to
science, history, and the martial arts, thinking that one day he would be part of a significant
cause and make a difference. Life’s challenges made him renounce his dream, and while he was
drowning in his failures and questioning his decisions and beliefs, he is selected for a special
time-travel mission. Chosen by the House agency using a special algorithm, Omar’s mission is to
study the effects of overpopulation more than three hundred years in the future.
When the mission goes awry, Omar lands in a strange dystopian future world as a
condemned prisoner on death row. This world is more comparable to that of distant past though,

where people live in tents, ride horses, and fight with swords.

Will Omar be able to escape his execution, unravel the past, and make it back home in time?

Genre: Fantasy
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