Genres : Epic


The Fall of Cadoria by Paul Willson

Date: 04/12/2024
The menacing Empire of Thargoẑa is massing its forces to invade Cadoria once more. Leading the defence against the empire and its paranoid Emperor Ignaẑio once again is the victorious Crown Prince Tyrran, the saviour...
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Nefer Blue Phoenix by Red Regalia

Date: 03/31/2024
We all fear the unknown. Scared of never achieving the ultimate dream. On an island of ancient superhumans lives a warrior haunted by attaining one goal. Kill them all. Every rebel responsible for stripping an...
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Miraden’s Folly by J.V. Fahl

Date: 03/24/2024
A young ranger. Miraden has always been in love with Ceychell, but her sister Kyradel is vying for his attention. When Kyradel is suddenly abducted, Miraden is given a chance to prove himself and win...
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The Darkwatch Assignment by James P. Croxley

Date: 03/23/2024
Secrets, lies, and a dangerous mission await Selene, agent of The Darkwatch. Selene is tasked with infiltrating the central castle of Cresthaven to retrieve private scrolls belonging to the powerful Ascendant Mage Aelar. But with...
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The Misunderstood Heroic Villain by Michael Aldinger

Date: 02/26/2024
The story of a shut-in gamer transmigrating into his favorite videogame after death, though it would be as the first major boss that the hero party defeats on their journey. Here comes the widely misunderstood,...
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Date: 12/12/2023
Evil lurks in the Underbelly, and that's the least of Jetsam's worries. What must the aspiring wizard do once magic is outlawed and his parents are murdered? Can the teen survive an infamous bounty hunter,...
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Date: 12/08/2023
Welcome to the land of Eoth. In a world burdened by oppression and fear, James D'Amor emerges from the shackles of his own forgotten past. Raised in slavery, his life takes an unexpected turn when...
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The Price of Royalty by Aleks Canard

Date: 11/28/2023
(A Machina Novel, Vol. 1) A huntress, a soldier, and a ghost, walk into a royally complicated hostage situation. Machinas were made to be the galaxy’s greatest super soldiers. Split into four academies, each with...
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Date: 11/23/2023
Only the Vampire Priests understand the Blood Moon Prophecy: “A drop of His blood fills the cup and brings the Blood Moon Dawn.” “Lots of cool action and drew me well in.” – AHF Magazine....
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Cavern of Conflict by Christopher Cardoza-Silva

Date: 11/06/2023
Ludrag, a dwarf miner seeking to strike it rich in the mine. Only to discover he unearths something far beyond what he could have ever imagined. This unexpected discovery not only changes his fate but...
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