A Witch for a Lion (Will of the Familiars)
The perfect arranged bonding between a witch and a familiar—until the witch is arrested for murder. Today, Minuit leaves his parents’ home to live on his own. It’s a scary but exciting time: so many things to discover, and a wonderful new-found freedom. He only has to do well at his familiar internship—as a lion shapeshifter, his parents have arranged a bonding between him and a witch he’s never met, Étoile. But on the first day of his internship, Étoile is arrested for murder. Everyone tells Minuit to find a new witch. But changing your plans for the future isn’t like changing your shirt. Minuit isn’t ready to move on just yet. And he’s never decided anything for himself: how can he choose the person with whom he’ll spend the rest of his life? Frustrated, Minuit asks Étoile to explain why he would ruin their future. Étoile, however, insists he’s innocent. Minuit hopes he can return to his easy, well-planned life, if only he can prove Étoile is innocent. But how can you solve a murder when you’ve been so sheltered you're afraid to take the hovertrain alone?
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