Ace of Devils: An Eby Stokes Adventure
"Anarchists took my Richard and deprived me of my livelihood. It would give me great pleasure to take from them that which they hold dear. Namely their freedom to harm the innocent" - Eby Stokes Second book in the Eby Stokes of Special Branch series by award-winning author of QUEENSBERRY JUSTICE: the Fight Card Sherlock Holmes Omnibus London 1894: The city is the hub upon which the world turns. It is also a hotbed for violent anarchists intent on ushering in their Utopia by any means necessary. Tasked with defending England against this threat is the Special Branch of the Metropolitan Police and the confidential agents employed to aid them in the fight. Former pugilist, Eby Stokes, worked with Sherlock Holmes before being enlisted by his brother, Mycroft, to join the battle. Along with Dr. Moore Agar, personal physician to Sherlock Holmes, and Peter Hayden, the former crime boss Stokes and Holmes brought to justice, they are investigating a smuggling ring supplying explosives to anarchist groups. They are about to encounter a dangerous adversary the likes of which the Great Game has not seen since Professor Moriarty cut his terrible swath through the underworld: Dr. Antonio Nikola! Has Dr. Nikola joined forces with the anarchists? Or is he playing a deadlier game? As violence erupts in the streets, Eby Stokes and her team are the last line of defense. Praise for Andrew Salmon's Sherlock Holmes stories "Eby Stokes remains one of my favorite female characters in any Sherlock Holmes pastiche. She is strong, vulnerable, loving and vengeful, independent and a team player." - The Baker Street Babes "Andrew Salmon is one of the writers on my personal list of The Best Writers You're Not Reading." - Derrick Ferguson (creator of Dillon) "Sherlock Holmes: Work Capitol is destined to become a classic amongst diehard Holmes and fight fans alike. It is a reading experience to be enjoyed and savored." - Pulp Fiction Reviews "A full-blooded rival to Conan Doyle's work... expands the context of Holmes's world, providing a much richer, deeper read." - I Hear of Sherlock Everywhere "Salmon gets it right with Holmes in this book. It is a worthy member of the upper echelon of non-Doyle books with Holmes as the central figure." - Yorkton This Week Andrew Salmon continues in the tradition of Laurie R. King, Lyndsay Faye and Anthony Horrowitz in producing entertaining, thought-provoking explorations of the rich Sherlockian world created by Arthur Conan Doyle.
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