Activated: Out Of The Night
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Activated: Out Of The Night by N. Gregory Harden

"Spencer Smith (a.k.a. “Bishop”) is the most accomplished operative for a covert operations organization known as ""The Agency"". Months after calling it quits, Bishop is abruptly activated for a mission that demands his particular skill set. While the mission begins like a typical kill or capture operation, things change quickly, revealing a powerful competing organization with a grudge to settle with the Agency. As Bishop and his team work to complete the mission, they discover the Agency may have darker secrets than they let on. A power struggle between the two groups is brewing, and Bishop isn't interested in being sacrificed as a pawn in either side's gambit to gain the advantage. In this riveting tale of espionage, treachery and betrayal, it seems that no matter the outcome, Bishop will not be getting a break just yet."
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