Barclay’s Bride: Crawford Clan Book 1
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Barclay Crawford was never meant to be chief of his Highland clan, but when his father dies, he has no choice but to abandon his studies in Edinburgh and come back home. What he finds upon his return is a clan on the brink of financial collapse and in desperate need of a leader. But claiming his new title isn't as simple as he thought: he can only be chief if he finds his wife within 30 days of his return. And when the clan hides away their womenfolk, he's forced to turn to the only marriage prospect left: a beautiful stranger from New France whose deep brown eyes make her disdain for him glaringly obvious. Marie-Louise has sworn off aristocrats; they're arrogant, narrow-minded and selfish, adjectives that fit Barclay as well as a pair of tailored trousers. She marries him only for convenience and for a chance at the quiet, simple life she's always dreamed of, but a few weeks of marriage show her that while their union was convenient, it's anything but uncomplicated.
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