Beyond The Intergalactic
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Beyond The Intergalactic by Asra and Qausain Shaikh


In the far-flung corners of the cosmos, a planetary system known as Nitid spins silently through the void. Its four celestial bodies each possess their own unique attributes and environments.
Carmine, the rust-hued world, seethes with volcanic fury, while Tempest, the planet of storms, writhes with winds of hurricane force. Hibernal, the frigid ice planet, is a frozen wasteland. And nestled amid this quartet of extremes lies Agreabil, the verdant green world that teems with lush forests, towering mountains, and crystal-clear waters.

Amiable is a young woman about to become sixteen, belonging to Agreabil, a planet where people possessing green eyes and hair live. She stands apart from the rest of her fellow Agreabilians with her tresses of chestnut-brown and her eyes of the same warm hue. In a society that prizes conformity, Amiable feels like an outsider, struggling to find her place in the world. But she refuses to be daunted by the challenges that beset her.
Amiable's sixteenth birthday brings more than just uncertainty. In the Nitid system, every youth must take a test that determines the planet they will inhabit for the rest of their lives. The stakes are high, and failure means banishment to the harsh and unforgiving depths of space. Will she find the answers she seeks, or will the dangers of the unknown swallow her up? Only time will tell. The odyssey begins now.

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