Blueprints of Shades
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Blueprints of Shades by Patricia Monserrate

When an innocent acceptance to a party turned into a night of terror, the beautiful emerald green-eyed Callie Leland was deemed to live a life of shame and isolation with a dark secret. Despite her nightmarish beginning, she finds solace in her talent as an interior designer in New York. Her future was quickly interrupted by her move back home to Kayla Bay. As the new senior designer of Shades of Designs, her project manager, Oliver Mason, finds himself drawn to Callie’s beauty and the mystery behind her emerald-green eyes. But Callie is immune to the advances he directs her way. However, Callie quickly falls for their biggest client’s eldest son, Sergio Rossini. As Callie’s affection grows stronger for Sergio, she cannot accept his love because memories of the past haunt her. Feeling betrayed, Oliver devises a sinister plan to ensure no one comes between them. The two young hearts understand that both are struggling with pain, though each is different. Will they trust God’s unconditional love to heal their brokenness, to bring their blueprints of darkness to blueprints of light? Or will it be sabotaged by Oliver?
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