Brief Stories in the Multiverse
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Brief Stories in the Multiverse by Mars G. Everson


Brief Stories in the Multiverse is a collection of records where humanity prevails over technology, exploring the limits of memory, humanity, and love. Some earthlings from the 20th and 21st centuries would call it science fiction. The author calls them purely stories. And as the author continues to travel the Multiverse, he will add to this log the stories he collects.

  • Log 1 - "A Wound-down Phoenix" is a strange drug, a placebo, a new way of life, the passage to another reality from which it is not easy to leave. Not when it involves going against all common sense, facing the most basic of human desires, the desire to live and perpetuate oneself. Set in a near future, the story is located in the quasi-real world, a utopia with terrifying implications.
  • Log 2 - "The Roots of Memory" is the story of an awakening. Its protagonist finds himself in a new world, far from his time and history, at the mercy of murky memories and a Consortium that wants to use her. Will she find a way to escape?
  • Log 3 - "Dust Motes in Space" is the story of an astronaut and his artificial companion. Can love be programmed?
  • Log 4 - "The Moon" is a story about a sick girl. Nulla is her alter-ego and her hope of salvation.