British Marine Engineer…by LIANA MARGIVA
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British Marine LIANA MARGIVA #book, #books, #amazonbooks, #lovestory, #eBook, #kindlybook, #novel, #storybook, #amazonlovebook, #amazon, #histroybooks You are my life, my heart, my soul, You opened the door of my heart. You have come into my life, Your feelings have awakened my heart. Your face is what keeps my heart beating. If only you knew how many years I have been waiting for you. If only you could imagine how much I desire to put my arms around you, To hug you, to kiss you. If only your kisses and the warmth of your embrace could reach me! I would be lonely no more! You are the joy of my life. I wish your heart to be filled with joy and love every moment of every day. There will never be a day that they won’t. You are a gift from heaven, a dream of any man looking for true love. Now that you have come into my life, your feelings have awakened my heart. It can no longer beat without your affection, without the fire burning in your soul. Two days later Douglas called Lorena his best friend ever. His words touched Lorena deeply, she sat staring into the front yard through the glass door, thinking of Douglas. Little did she know then that she would never be able to shut him out of her soul, that he would always be beside her, in her dreams. The cage she was confined to, albeit temporarily, hardly brought Lorena any joy, but it couldn't prevent her from being carried away in her dream to the ocean beach next to Douglas. They were on the beach, side by side, Lorena's eyes fixated on Douglas's smiley face. Unable to speek, mesmerized by his presence, Lorena longed to touch his cheek, caress his face, but resisted the urge. After a while, feeling emboldened, she uttered in a low voice, almost whispered: " May I touch your face?'' Douglas kept on staring at her, smiling smartly, as if knowing what was happening in Lorena's soul. " Certainly'', he whispered back and smiled again. Lorena reached out slowly and run her shaky fingers gently across his cheek. Douglas kept smiling, then took Lorena by the hand and looked straight into her eyes. He then reached out with his own hand and touched Lorena's cheek, leaned over and gently kissed her on the lips. Lorena closed her eyes, she wanted to save this memory to be able to savor it, to warm her soul once she became lonely once again.
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