Children of Apis Book 2: Territories Clash
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Sometimes, when the temperature heats up, blood boils over. It is the summer of 2085 and Cowan’s group is trying to enjoy some much-needed rest in the rebel settlement, following their harrowing escape from the Northeast Territory. Their respite may be short-lived since conflict has a way of finding you when you leave a trail of blood and destruction in your wake. Elsewhere, in the United States, territories are still healing from the eruption which nearly wiped out the entire population. Select few were kept alive, in the secret underground facilities, to repopulate the country. The survivors are finding that life on the surface can be deadly when neighboring territories meet. As the territories attempt to distinguish between friend and foe, the formation of alliances holds the key to survival. Will the pockets of civilization band together, or will border wars bring the United States to the brink of extinction? Territories Clash is the second book in the Children of Apis series. The book's goal is to create a unique blend of the post-apocalyptic and dystopian genres. Hopefully, readers of all ages will enjoy the fast-paced action and follow the survivors on their journey through the Children of Apis series.
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