Cyborg Assassin 1

Cyborg Assassin 1 by Rayner Ye

A marine sent to fight a war on a red-sun world. A slum boy taken under the wing of a terrorist. Both must betray their protectors to rescue the victims of war. Oshun is bribed to fight a war on a red-sun world. During VR war gaming in cryosleep, she is best. But she isn't prepared for the catastrophe on that spaceship. Frankie doesn't know what a decent meal is until a terrorist takes him from the slums. The man treats him like a son, but Frankie knows he's done bad things. He sees the victims of war. With a hover and a gun, Frankie must betray his guardian and save them. ~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~ No romance! No spice! Three of my series starts are permafree with many different vendors. So check them all out, download, and give them a try: -Five Light-Years to the Firesnake (Book 1 in Plan8 Slaves Series, Space Fantasy) -YuFu's Run 1 (YuFu's Run Series, Space Opera Thriller) -Cyborg Assassin 1 (Military Space Opera)
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