Deadwood Revived: A must read in fiction murder mystery boxset

A story centered on private investigator and former police officer Marcus Lynette promises an endless puzzle of complexities and a plethora of paradoxes. The man who hunts death and its accomplices keep closer tabs than he knows with murderers and criminals.
With a passion to demystify the crime behind many murders, Marcus is plagued with so many unanswered questions about the deaths of his father and sister. As every moment promises to provide the answers he needs, he recoils with disheartening disappointment at every turn.
To solve these many mysteries, Marcus takes the long route along with Detective Raymond and private investigator Gina, discovering many clues and situations, only to be brought back to his starting point: the Bradly household. There, Marcus and his team must find the truths that will change the social balance, as it were, of Deadwood as a whole.
Through it all, Marcus experiences a romantic resuscitation of sorts, helping him to keep a measure of balance through the most uncertain of times, eventually saving his life.
This series is an exploration into the highs and the lows of life and the decisions needed to achieve resolution and the reality of inescapable compromise, the strength of devotion, and the relief that comes with love and affection, culminating in a final deliverance.
The intelligence of the trio—Marcus, Raymond, and Gina—will bring every reader to the discovery of new frontiers, discoveries, and their demystification, exposing a grander plot with a twist that could not have been guessed from the beginning. Altogether, it is an adventure exposing you to the realities of criminal investigation and the joy of revelation.

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