I Choose Death. Every. F*cking. Time!: A collection of short stories on Smoking, Alcoholism, Religion, Love Marriage, L*st and The IIT-IIM Corporate World.
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A fresh take on short stories with illustrations and music recommendation for each chapter. This book will provide the readers with an immersive reading experience with a twist.

I choose death. Every. F*cking. Time!

It is a collection of five short stories revolving around vices such as smoking, s*x, marriage, religion, intoxication, and the worst of all - The Corporate Rat Race.

Embark on a journey and travel through 5 choices of life and how it compels an individual to choose Death! Every, single, time.

Does he have a choice?
Can he survive and mend his ways? Or is he doomed forever…

Sneak peak into the stories:

  • The 85mm Cylinder:A short story set in a government engineering college campus, about how a person's choice of smoking can lead to dire consequences. Maybe he will realise it before it is too late or maybe not.
  • Religion Induced Cardiomyopathy:A story of two romantically involved IIM grads trapped in the spiral of events that lead to an inter-religion marriage. Will their love survive or the rules of big-fat Indian wedding have the last laugh?
  • Down the Rabbit Hole of L*st: Three Calcutta based friends and their journey of s*xual exploration leaving a chain of broken hearts as an aftermath. Will the heartbreak restrict itself to their preys or will it devour them as well?
  • Colourless, Volatile & Flammable:We have all heard of achieving financial freedom to travel the world, to retire early, follow your passion etc. But have you ever met someone who wants to achieve financial freedom in order to drink towards a happily ever after?
  • The Rat Race or Death?:The IIT-IIM-Corporate world trap is rewarding for sure. But, what is the price one must pay for the promised rewards? Read this timelapse-themed Bangalore based story to find out.

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