Igniting Tartarus: A Fantasy Romance Adventure (Paldimori Gods Rising Book 6)
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Kyrion Nyx – Time is running out for me and the Paldimori.

As the leader of the House of Night, I always thought I would die in battle meting out justice to our enemies—the Omàda. But I’ve been captured by them instead. Now the Omàda king visits my cell every day, his dark and deadly powers wearing me down. How much longer can I hold out against him? How much longer before he turns me into a weapon against my own people and destroys our chances of finding the next Chosen?

Zeno Reece – I’ve never belonged anywhere but maybe that’s about to change.

Anger burns in my veins as hot as my lava powers when I’m forced to compete in the Paldimori Games. I’ve hated the primordial gods since the day my cursed powers got my parents killed. I don’t belong in the Games. I’m not anyone’s savior and I’m damn sure not a Chosen. But when I’m put in charge of rescuing Kyrion Nyx everything I thought I knew is called into question. Can I let go of the past to embrace my destiny?

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