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IN BLOOM: SIDE A by Adrian Harlow

These are the times they’ll talk about…should they survive them. Usher in the era of flannel shirts and messy hair; where gen xers define themselves through random acts of disorder and disarray, and libidos are set on overdrive. In the heart of the valley is Queens Land Central Academy. Jared Buckley just transferred in for his senior year. Not quite the sprawling metropolis he's used to. If he's worried he'll be bored, though, he shouldn't be. Jared soon meets the radio club, a ragtag group of misfits known for their antics. It isn't long before he's running with them, building a rapport with one member in particular, Sydney Rockafella. This sets the stage for a series of events to transpire that will change his world forever. It's all good times, ditching class for fast cars, five finger discounts and other new experiences meant to keep one flying sky high. Yet, when the joyride comes to a screeching halt, can Jared truly depend on the people he calls friends?
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