In Ora: The Land of the Superior
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What is a superior modern world like? When humans have found the keys to tailoring genes, eradicating diseases, advancing physiques, intelligence and technology? Luke found himself back in Ora, the land of the superior, where everyone was tall, beautiful and perfect, a stark difference from his home, the Origin. When the division happened, Ora detached itself from Origin and raised it to become a perfect society, while Origin went downhill. Even though his curiosity was revived, Luke had only one goal in his mind, to find the cure for the new disease for his companion. They had exhausted all options at home, but he was not about to let her give up. As they navigated their way through the strange and intriguing Ora world, they tried to maintain hope that they'd get what they were coming for, to preserve their existence through the magnificent but exorbitant and mysterious world of Ora.