Katera Rising: Book one
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Katera Rising: Book one by J.D. Evergreen

Old and powerful magic has been uncovered and it is essential to free the world. The problem is no one knows how to use it. In a world of sorcery and oppression, a young woman named Claire bears the burden of a nameless existence. Known only as 1408 to her captors, she represents the second generation enslaved by the ruthless sorcerer, the self-proclaimed Emperor of Shadowsoul. But fate takes an unexpected turn when Claire stumbles upon a glimmer of hope—a family heirloom with mysterious powers that defy comprehension. With each discovery, she unveils a hidden truth that could shatter the emperor’s iron grip on their realm. As Claire's journey unfolds, she finds herself distracted by thoughts of a woman whose presence grows more tantalizing with each passing day. Trapped by the cruel hand of fate, Claire's yearning for freedom extends beyond the clutches of her captors. She longs for more than the life she has been handed so far. However, the Emperor is not one who will yield easily. With his ferocious beasts, boundless power, and vast resources at his command, he will stop at nothing to maintain his dominion and obliterate any threats to his world order. And now, Claire, an accidental escapee, finds herself thrust into the heart of a magical conflict, holding in her possession something the emperor believed lost and fears above all else. Join Katera Rising and embark on a thrilling journey through a land of shadows and secrets. Will Claire's courage and the mysterious powers of the family heirloom be enough to challenge the emperor’s reign? Can love and determination triumph against overwhelming odds? Immerse yourself in this captivating tale of defiance, destiny, and the enduring human spirit.
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