Lilies on her grave

Lilies on her grave by Lewis Costley

Lilly Barnes was just nineteen when she was murdered and buried in the woods, where no one would ever find her, and some would say that that was when her life truly began. Her spirit is given one final task, before she can break the shackles keeping her tethered to her previous life. She must bring her killer to justice, and make him accountable for the life he has taken. A bright golden ray of light beams down from the heavens, guiding her to the front door of the man responsible for ending her life, where she uncovers something truly horrific. She’s not the only one. And to make matters worse, if such a thing is even possible when you’re already dead, Lilly learns that her killer has a new toy locked away in his basement. Lilly sets out on a path across Purgatory. A path, which will require her to find the lost spirits of four other women, and return them to the place of their deaths, to not only save the life of their killer’s latest victim, but to save their own souls from an eternity of imprisonment within the Realm of the Dead.
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