Murder Not Quite Buried

Murder Not Quite Buried by Murray Moffatt

Disabled former cop Shane Daniels is asked by the lawyer he works for to review the circumstances surrounding the disappearance of a woman seven years ago. She's now been declared legally dead and her husband is about to receive a huge life insurance payment. But the discovery of the bodies of a woman and a young child, partially buried in a wooded area near Shane's hometown, brings shocking family news for Shane and sends him looking for a cold-blooded killer. Meanwhile, Shane's partner, Emma, is trying to protect an eight year old girl who became an amputee in a deliberately caused accident that killed her parents. To make matters worse, the young girl is being hunted by a vicious criminal gang. In 'Murder Not Quite Buried', both Shane and Emma will have to deal with their personal demons and face some very dangerous adversaries.
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