Quest of the Magos Staff: Part 2 (The BrightDawn Chronicles)

Sammun Lightheart’s journey to the Forest of Dreams had been the adventure he had always wanted. He had made new friends and had encountered the enigmatic Aldoron. But the ending had not been what he had anticipated and now, months later, he was left guarding the staff that had once belonged to the most powerful of wizards, waiting for the day that he may have to use it.

That day was not far off. As the enchantress Hesperia discovers that the dwarf still possesses the staff she makes a renewed effort to take it for her own. As the forests are consumed by a dark force, Bryla flees for her life, while Alosryn’s home is destroyed.

Soon the trio are reunited in a new quest to put an end to the malevolent destruction, travelling through shattered lands and empty towns left in disarray by the wicked hand of Hesperia. Their journey leads them to a town where they encounter Nissa, a fae who has knowledge of the whereabouts of the evil sorceress and together they decide to face her.

But Hesperia’s fortress is strong and she is more powerful than they could ever have imagined. Do the friends and their new ally have the courage to defeat her and save a word from her dominion? Or is it already too late?