Reincarnation of an Above Average Genius Student with Below Average Social Skills Vol. 1
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Socially awkward teen and genius student Daisuke Suzuki, who suffers from a communication disorder that won't allow him to talk, instead he will just stare and be frozen in place instead of talking. Due to this and his high grades he became an outcast, bullied, having no friends, he retreated into anime and manga. After many times of trying making friends he manages to get 2 friends, Hanako and Sara, they invited Daisuke to a manga publishing. He was followed there, bullying take to far, Daisuke is thrown out in the street where he dies getting hit by a car.

He later wakes up in a place that can be described as heaven, he met 2 gods, Goddess Sara and Great Sage, he gets reincarnated in a fantasy, waking up in an alley near the tavern of Wiefra country.

Genre: Fantasy
Book Length: