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SEMPER by Andrew Angelos

Ever since he witnessed his mother’s death at the age of twelve, Xan has walked a path of violence, from his coming-of-age on the turbulent streets of New York to his tours in the military as a special ops soldier. While in Armenia awaiting orders to his final mission, he meets a woman, a nomadic beauty who had spent the last ten years evading her pursuer, a Turkish crime lord who had paid a handsome sum for her hand. With him closing in, Xan helps Kerinna escape to the States. They eventually marry and live an idyllic life in the suburbs. Then one morning, his world snaps from its orbit as Kerinna’s past comes barging through the doors – four armed men sent to abduct her. While one intruder escapes with her, three do not – one of whom Xan briefly spares to dragoon an answer on her whereabouts. Yet his methods lead to his arrest, further testing his glue with disastrous results that lands him seven years in prison, where he battles not only to survive, but his own demons as well. He’s now a free man, about to embark on a journey halfway around the world to either save his wife or eliminate all those involved in her death. SEMPER is an exhilarating adventure about love and wrath with wonderfully flawed creatures, and one man’s quest to find his abducted wife.
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