Shadowed by the Moon: A Werewolf’s Tale
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Lisa moves to a town called Springfield to live with her mom. Her parents are a divorced couple. Suddenly, the town gets a sudden hike in wolf attacks. She is a college student and she firmly believes that there is no such thing as werewolves. She meets 2 classmates named Aaron and Brian. Both of them are werewolves, and both of them love her. Lisa thinks that Brian is weird and introverted, but Aaron is cool. Brian threatens Aaron to stay away from Lisa. Lisa goes for a hiking and camping trip in the forest on a full moon night. Aaron transforms into a black wolf. However, he can't control his urge to hunt animals and humans when he turns into a wolf. He is about to attack Lisa, but Brian, the brown wolf saves her from the wolf attack. Read the book to experience the full story...
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