Six Stories – Collection One
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After reading some collections of flash fiction stories, I got inspired to write a collection myself. As I was writing the stories, I soon realized that even though I wanted the stories to be flash fiction, I couldn't help myself but breathe more details and life into them, thus making some of the stories turn into short ones rather than fiction. I like the short story format because in my opinion it suits quite well for those people who can't afford to spare a lot of time for reading, considering they have work to do, family to attend, time to rest etc. Short stories are perfect to get into a reality depicted by the writer and then see it be concluded in a short time, while also giving the reader the opportunity to fill in the intricate details or how the story unfolds beyond the ending given by the writer. I have included in this collection six of many short stories I wrote in two years. In this collection you will find sci-fi stories, fantasy, dystopian reality, and a sprinkle of romance. I tried my best so that each story, offers a setting which either in it's progress, or beyond the end gives the reader the chance to continue the stories in their own minds for much longer than what it might take to read the stories themselves.
This is collection one, and I look forward to being able to publish another one at another time.