Sustainable Web Design In 20 Lessons
"If you're a climate-conscious but busy web developer wanting to green your practice, Sustainable Web Design in 20 Lessons by Michael Andersen is your ideal starting point. Your day-to-day web development practice can be an impactful climate action: this book will help you make it so" - Ismael Velasco The internet is one of the biggest carbon dioxide polluters in this world. You might not be aware of it, but whenever you open an email, send a chat message, refresh your newsfeed, watch a movie or load a website, you cause pollution. Sustainable Web Design In 20 Lessons is for the web designer and the intermediate website owner. It will teach you what sustainable web design is and give you valuable tools you can use to make your website more sustainable. You will also get introduced to ethical design, which is the art of putting people before business. Together we can make the internet a better place for everyone. Book content: Lesson 1: Sustainable Web Design fundamentals. Lesson 2: Understand carbon footprints. Lesson 3: Green web hosting. Lesson 4: Content delivery networks. Lesson 5: Page-weight budgets. Lesson 6: Death of content. Lesson 7: Accessibility. Lesson 8: Minimalistic & lightweight design. Lesson 9: Dark/light mode & colors. Lesson 10: Image optimization. Lesson 11: Video optimization. Lesson 12: Font optimization. Lesson 13: HTML optimization. Lesson 14: CSS optimization. Lesson 15: JavaScript optimization. Lesson 16: React & Svelte optimization. Lesson 17: Trackers & HTTP requests. Lesson 18: Service workers & Caching. Lesson 19: APIs. Lesson 20: Emails and newsletters.
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