The Alpha’s Kitten

The Alpha’s Kitten by Vera Foxx


Wesley Hale, Alpha of the Night Claw Pack and Ceo of Hale Enterprises. He owns hotels and businesses that help support his large pack so they may live in peace. One fateful night had him scrambling when he realized his cyber security wasn’t up to par, so his Beta makes a call that will change his life forever. Calling in a night shift technology specialist, Charlie Crawford, also known as Charlotte, takes the call and heads into his hotel.

Charlotte has had a rough life, bouncing from foster care to foster care until she landed herself right in the hands of Roman. He once loved her, but once the adoption papers came through, her worst nightmare began until she ran away at the age of fourteen. Always on the run, she used her intellect to beat the system and graduated college, picking a job where she could hide behind a computer.

That is until he claimed her.

Charlotte is shy, and never trusts anyone, but that didn’t deter Alpha Wesley. He was going to take this frightened kitten, help her grow to be fierce, but most of all make her become his Luna.
One of my hands stayed on top of his that sat tightly around my waist while my other arm lifted upwards. My fingers slinked behind me gripping his thick hair wanting those lips to press harder into my skin. I had no clue where I got this sudden urge to be so bold, but I felt comfortable, erotic, with this feeling inside I felt. Giving the pull to his hair, I felt a smile and growl from his lips on my shoulder. Tiny chills erupted across my arms letting me know I was a goner.
This book has mature scenes, abuse, sexual encounters, kidnapping and a whole lot of loving evil demon creatures and witches. Not suited for those under eighteen.

♥This book is in a series but can be read as a stand-alone. This is also considered an epic novel. Long slow-burn romance with adventure.♥

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