Genres : Epic Novel - 650+ Pages


Falling Empires by James Rosone

Date: 03/16/2023
In back rooms around the world……powerful people gather.Will they decide the next U.S. election?From the first page, the intrigue unfurls into a web of strategy, ideology, and tactics which will be played out on a...
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Date: 03/15/2023
Master the skills and knowledge you need to succeed as a software engineer with this comprehensive guide. Whether you're new to the field or a seasoned professional, this book covers all the essential software development...
Date: 03/11/2023
The Original & Exclusive long story novel by. FiSha.Although the price is pretty cheap but the story inside is expensive.Title : Who Am I : I'm the Prince of Dragon KingdomCategory : Long Story NovelGenre...
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Red Storm: Complete Series by James Rosone

Date: 02/28/2023
Deep in the Kremlin, a plan is hatched……to restore Russia’s place in the world.Will the Ukrainian army fold as they expect?A sleeping giant is awake, but it’s not the one the world expects. The first...

Homeland Z by George R. N.

Date: 02/16/2023
After the death of his father, Logan goes to a wild party to do the only thing that makes sense to him at the time. Then he wakes up to find that everyone is gone....
Date: 01/01/2023
“Like the man seated across from him, the one thing the detective hated more than anything else was a liar, especially among his colleagues. Yet, here he sat, on the verge of telling the biggest...
Date: 12/15/2022
"Why did you play piano alone?""The music... is ruined by all the people."There's no space for solitude in the commune of Ynas. Personal histories are erased. Children sleep in groups, engage chores collectively, and contribute...
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Date: 11/26/2022
Long Ming Zhi is a Young Master of a Clan. As he was baby, he had taken away by a young man, due to his Clan's internal troubles.He then lived the life of a warrior...

The Alpha’s Kitten by Vera Foxx

Date: 11/24/2022
◆◆◆Wesley Hale, Alpha of the Night Claw Pack and Ceo of Hale Enterprises. He owns hotels and businesses that help support his large pack so they may live in peace. One fateful night had him...
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Gabrielle by Sarah Henley

Date: 11/11/2022
★★★★★ “One of the best Trans Romance/Thriller series this year.”Gabrielle has agreed to fight George Rainer, resurrected by Death, on top of the Empire State Building. With Lynda, her wife, and their armed bodyguards, the multi...