THE END by John Barnes


In a small California town, during the end of the world, Jake Peterson is the captain of the football team, senior class president and a good Christian guy. When Jake’s grandparents were killed by a drunk driver when he was 12, he made a commitment never to drink alcohol. He falls in love with the prettiest girl in school—Katie Martin—who is part of the party crowd.  


Jake and Katie’s love grows amidst their differences on drinking, and during major tragedies leading up to the end of the world, including earthquakes, floods, diseases, wars, political fighting, extremists and more. But the only thing that slows Jake and Katie’s relationship is their differences about drinking.


They deal with shocking events—even stars falling from the sky. Can their love survive the most astonishing changes happening in the world? 


THE END delivers important messages about the dangers of under-age drinking and about ending the hatred and fighting that’s so prevalent in the world today.  

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