THE MIST Stage One & Stage Two (The Complete Series) Kindle Edition
Tanya: weapons: .338 Lapua sniper rifle/ Walther p22/Beretta Tanya’s description: hazel eyes (tends to turn golden-green under light), high cheek bones, fair complexioned, light brown hair that turns copper under the sun. Height 5’7’’/ 5’8. Hair below shoulders. International face: can pass for anyone: Western, the Arabic Speaking world or Eastern. Striking looking. Burke: Burke’s normally clear green-brown eyes darkened gold as they flickered worriedly. The general description of Burke as a 5’10’’ fair male did not do him justice. His features were symmetrical and his teeth with the slightly pronounced canines just added to his attractiveness. His well-maintained form was not overly done- he still kept the lean look despite the breadth of his shoulders and kept it well. The truth was there was nothing average about his looks despite the description. He was a very good looking man. And it was why even right now as he sat in the bar quietly, most of the females, single or otherwise, found their eyes straying constantly and unavoidably towards him. Awan: an older man with white hair and a mustache. 50s-60s. Smokes small cigars or if cigarettes a particular brand or not at all. Grumpy exterior, very Punjabi in manner, gruff, seems emotional but that’s deceptive. The more aggressive or emotional he sounds, the more calm and calculating his mind gets. Rather portly, height 5’10. Weapons Info: US army standard issue: Beretta M9. Pak army side arms and weapons: Glock 26, Beretta 92fs, G-3 (Glock rifle), SIG Sauer P229 Pistol. WARNING: No stereotypes allowed! Want to know more? Jump straight into a world of intrigues, political conspiracies, global warfare, espionage, information and misinformation, of betrayal, trust and friendship, of faith and lack thereof, of psychological warfare, suspense and thrills, a world of secret societies, myths and legends, where history collides with the present and to save the future one has to go back in time and revisit the past. Become a part of Tanya's journey as she tries to disentangle herself and the web and Burke as he challenges his beliefs. The stakes are too high and more than just lives are in danger. And find out if Tanya will survive this. More to the point, our question may very well be: Will Burke and Tanya's relationship survive it all? Or should we ask: will they both survive at all?
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