The Thief and the Historian: Book One of the Runetree Chronicles
Aeda, a gifted Thief, is confined to the coastal city of Biersport, where she is a member of the elusive Grey Society. Bound by their commands, Aeda is reluctant to continue her life of crime but knows no other way to survive. One fateful day, Aeda is tasked with stealing from the Historian Gieral, a member of the legendary order responsible for chronicling all of history. But when their paths cross, Aeda's life takes an unexpected turn. She is suddenly torn from the only life she has ever known and thrust into a new world filled with strange creatures and ancient mysteries. As Aeda struggles to find her place, she is pulled into the mystery of missing Historians. Along the way, she will traverse perilous landscapes, encounter terrifying beasts, and be forced to rethink her own purpose in life. Will Aeda be able to rise above her circumstances and find her place in the world? Join her epic quest in The Thief and the Historian, a spellbinding tale of adventure, belonging, and the power of history.
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