Tiny Myths Comics – Norse Edition #1: Welcome to Norse Mythology! (Tiny Myths Comics: Norse Edition)
The most accessible gateway to Norse mythology you could ever want! Norse mythology is the mythology of the famous Vikings and the foundation of the modern fantasy genre. It is well-known for its unique and mythic cosmology, which consists of nine realms: Asgard, the home of gods; Midgard, the land of men; Jotunheim, the domain of fierce giants; and Hel, the realm of dead, to name a few. Do you know the full list and how they were created? There is an enticing tale behind it! Oh, and don't forget the world tree Yggdrasil that binds all these nine worlds together. You'll be introduced to all of them here in this issue! If you are a fantasy fan or a newcomer to mythologies, try diving into one of the most iconic mythic worlds presented with cute art and humor! * Recommended Reading Age: 14 years or older (This series did not dilute mythology and is not intended for children) * This issue is 51 pages long and included in the hard copy of Volume 1
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