Warrior Creed: Win the day… or die – Sci-Fi Military Space Opera & Alien Conquest (Trigellian Universe – Warrior Series Book 2)
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Alien empires are reeling from war. Their arrogant elite are desperate for glory. A human hero just robbed them of that. Ex-Marine A-10 Pilot Derek Hamilton just wants to run space freight and find his girl. The galaxy has other plans… and why is it so hard to KILL a Human from Terra, anyway? Derek Hamilton helped to end the 1,000 year Slave War between the Brinlo and Hogantha. Now, Earth is in ruins and war machines are unwinding everywhere across the galaxy. The Elite Houses were furious a mere Terran had the skill to kill the hated Brinlo Battle Commander Jorad Zen. It was their right... and the HATED human was the one to take the kill. So they take their fury out on him, but not before he displays the toughness and unique abilities that make a human Warrior, setting trap after trap, and testing his skill and expertise until unleashing the final battle using a Goliath class Dreadnought warship more than a thousand times bigger than his. Will he and the thirty-six Elite Warriors and their gear crammed into his cargo bay survive? Captain Derek Hamilton exemplifies the Warrior Creed – Win the day… or die! Readers who enjoy Chris Fox, Daniel Arenson, Lindsey Buroker, Jay Allan and Jasper T. Scott will enjoy the raging battles, space combat and intrigue our Human hero-warrior fights through to claim his right to live. Buy this book now so you can become part of this epic tale in the style of the golden age of sci fi.
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