Wings of Redemption
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Wings of Redemption by Gemma A Summers

"Once I thought he was my new world, my refuge, my life, when he held me into his arms, gently lifted my chin and asked, ‘’Who did this to you? Who gave you all these bruises?" I thought he would keep me safe from the world, from my parents, who tormented me since childhood. Little did I know, that it was all a trap. A show. He never loved me. He never really cared for me. All he wanted me was for my powers. And I, like a fool, gave him my heart.” Ariana, the 16-Year-old daughter of a wealthy merchant in Eldenhaven, has endured abuse from her family since childhood. This has eroded her self-confidence, self-trust, and belief in love and familial bonds. Yet, her life dramatically changes after one fateful night when her father expels her from their home, leaving her injured. This expulsion acts as a catalyst, leading her to discover a magical world called Eloria. Here, she begins to experience love with Thorne and starts to rebuild her trust. However, beneath her newfound joy hides a dark secret about Thorne and his world, which Ariana has yet to discover. This is a tale of Ariana's journey to rediscover herself and her worth amidst the backdrop of a mystical and uncertain world. “If you like A Court of Thornes and Roses, Fourth Wing, Iron Flame, From Blood and Ash, Shadow in the Ember, you won't be able to put down the Wings of Redemption - Elorian Series.” Will Ariana discover Thorne's crushing secret? Will she be able to trust him afterward? Click the BUY NOW button to enter Ariana’s world today.
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