Genres : Long Novel - 320-650 Pages

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Date: 03/20/2024
There are some rules you never forget. Above all else, whatever you do, you never look directly at a gorgon. Now, plug your ears… because the war for humanity has begun. Sergeant Cameron "Jet" Shipley was there...
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His Demands by K.C. Crowne

Date: 03/11/2024
The silverfox billionaire is used to getting anything he wants... And now, he wants to make me his darling little wife. Working as Ivan Stepanov's assistant is a literal gig from hell. After a day...
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Date: 03/10/2024
She’s his sweetest desire...and his darkest secret. From Wall Street Journal bestsellers Parker S. Huntington and L.J. Shen comes a tantalizing forbidden romance between a broken Prince Charming and a disgraced Cinderella. The task was...

Merlin’s Creed by Reut Barak

Date: 03/07/2024
Free on Kindle Unlimited: dark magic ♥ betrayal ♥ separated lovers Stuck in medieval times, running from a dangerous order of mages, survival depends on a rough deal… Kim is fighting the odds to reach...
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Black Hand Part I by Yaoi Falcon

Date: 02/20/2024
In a world of corruption and deceit, one half-blind nerd has a daring plan to take down the global elite. Meet Boris, who is unfortunate enough to be thrown in the center of the Balkans....
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Forbidden Road by Reut Barak

Date: 02/01/2024
Free on Kindle Unlimited: epic love ♥ college romance ♥ time travel ♥ magic A powerless witch. An injured knight. Can two college students stuck in the past defeat a traitor who would destroy their...
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The Wreck of the Melville by Mark Smeltz

Date: 01/31/2024
A lost manuscript from the late 1800s reveals the trials and tribulations of Gordon: a budding journalist cursed with a restless spirit. After stowing away on a sailing ship to meet his literary heroes travelling...
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The Closer by K.C. Crowne

Date: 01/30/2024
I never saw her coming… She appeared in my world an enigma. A lethal assassin who slips poison into the veins of her targets. And a single mother with a softness beneath her armor. Now,...

Pit Guard: The Tanner’s Boy by Robert E Kreig

Date: 01/20/2024
A young boy must learn the ways of a warrior if he is ever to become a Pit Guard.Far to the north of Ananduil, in the province of Kedielewen, a peaceful fishing village celebrates the...
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Up There by Sherry Roberts

Date: 01/19/2024
For those who dream of flying. Ariel Lee finds trouble when she rides the wind in this magical story of love and self-discovery. Ariel Lee comes from a long line of women with the gift...