Black Hand Part I

Black Hand Part I by Yaoi Falcon

In a world of corruption and deceit, one half-blind nerd has a daring plan to take down the global elite. Meet Boris, who is unfortunate enough to be thrown in the center of the Balkans. He is the target of merciless bullying by the cocky Nicky and his gang. One of his fierce bullies, the Chinese expat Kang We Sondo, aka Krassy, turns into his protector. Their love story blossoms in a good old yaoi fashion. Krassy's mysterious dark past connects him with one of the most dangerous men on earth, the enigmatic Tyan Kang We who once raised armies of aliens from the darkest corners of the universe. Battling his own demons, Krassy can't get over his ex, Maria. Maria is a struggling artist and was forced to become a call girl for the human trafficking Cartel. Being the stepson of an evil mafia boss did not help Krassy save her. She becomes one of the masterminds of Boris's underground paramilitary network that would soon shake the world. Unbeknownst to them all, an alien creature stalks Boris relentlessly, keen on capturing and kidnapping him. What is the creature's connection to the human and inhumane elites who rose against Kang We Tyan in the past? Will Boris's own dark past hinder his way to his only dream? If you enjoyed "The Da Vinci Code" or the illustrious manga series "Death Note," then "Black Hand" is the right book for you. Buy now and uncover the sinister truth behind the alien roots of the global elite before it's too late!
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