Gifts of Fire and Ice
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Gifts of Fire and Ice by Darren Boeck


The Gift of Fire to Save Us... The Gift of Fire to Awaken Us... Valinet is a gifter. She’s good with fire magic, but little does she know she is one of the most powerful gifters of the empire. Torn between a life she knows and one that she does not, Valinet and her brother Serg must decide if they will brave the dangers of the Middle Desert to seek protection in WindFall. Pushed apart by fate, they struggle to stay connected to one another, while noble bloodlines seek their own ambitions. Are the Bloodlines seeking Valinet? Will they seek to take her power? Can Serg keep himself out of the watchful eyes of the Bloodlines? Gifts of Fire and Ice is book one of the FireNight Prophecies. It brings the Fire Empire into focus just as it is starting to unravel. Noble bloodlines seek to weaken the emperor’s grasp, pulling in Valinet, Serg, and even the emperor’s children. Life is a game of cards and every hand counts.

Genre: Fantasy
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